​Raw Data:

Danny Cosmo
Louisiana Local Since 1962

Phone: 504-481-9482

SAG & AFTRA, Stuntman/Actor

Height: 5'8"
Weight: 135
Hari: Dirty Blonde
Eyes: Hazel

Waist/Inseam: 32/32
Shirt: 15-1/2"x32"
Coat: 38R
Shoe: 8-9
Hat: 7-1/8"
Gulf Coast Fishing

  • ​Fire Burns
  • High Falls
  • Acting
  • Mini Trampoline/Trampoline
  • Air Ratchets & Rams
  • Ground Pounder
  • All Water Work & Water Safety
  • Stair Falls
  • Stunt Driving
  • Rick Seaman’s Motion Picture Driving School: Super Level 1

Stunt Coordinator Resume:
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Red Clover
On the Seventh Day
The Philly Kid
Dragon Eyes
Love, Weddings, Marriage
The Ledge
Seconds Apart
Flesh Wounds
Imagination Movers
The Virginity Hit
Night of the Demons
Alabama Moon
Man Called Trouble
Bed & Breakfast
Strange Fruit
Production Company:
Schism, LLC
After Dark Films
On the Seventh Day, LLC
After Dark Films
After Dark Films
After Dark Films
Echo Bridge Ent.
After Dark Films
Film & Entertainment VIP
After Dark Films
Most Wanted Films
Disney Television
Gary Sanchez Prods.
Seven Arts Pictures
Alabama Moon Prods.
10,500 B.C. Films
Most Wanted Films
Fencesitter Films
Adam Gierasch
Drew Daywalt
Neema Barnette
Jason Connery 
John Hyams
Valeri Miley
Dermot Mulroney
Jason Connery
Matthew Chapman
Antonio Nagret
Dan Garcia
Steve Holland
Huck Botko/Andrew Gurland
Adam Gierasch
Tim McCanlies
Jason D Buch
Dan Garcia
Kyle Schickner
Assistant Stunt Coordinator Resume:

  • John Stoneham, Jr.
  • Mark Norby
  • Jery Hewitt / Ian Mclaughlin
  • Stanton Barrett
  • Stephen Pope
  • James Lew
  • Danny Epper (multiple projects)
  • Kevin Beard (multiple projects)
  • Charlie Picerni, Sr.
  • Bill Scharpf (multiple projects)
  • Jeff Cadiente (multiple projects)
  • Chuck Picerni, Jr.
  • Gary Powell
  • Jay Amor
  • Paul Jennings
  • Steve Ritzi (multiple projects)
  • Noon Orsatti
  • Wally Crowder
  • Andy Armstrong
  • Vic Armstrong
  • Jeff Galpin (multiple projects)
  • Leah Hennessy (multiple projects)
  • Ben Jensen (multiple projects)
  • Greg Brazzel (multiple projects)
  • Jack Gill
  • Charlie Brewer
  • Malosi Leonard
  • Lex D Geddings (multiple projects)
  • Keith Adams
  • Mike Smith
  • Jim Henry (multiple projects)

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  • N.O.L.A. Circus / Stunts / Water Safety
  • 99 Homes / Asst. Stunt Coordinator
  • Get Hard / Stunt Actor/ Homeless man
  • The Butler / Stunt Actor
  • Terminator: Genesis
  • As I lay Dying /Fire Safety
  • Ragin Cajun Redneck Gators, Actor/ Swamper
  • Starving Games, Actor/ Camera Man
  • Motel, Actor/Bishop
  • Angry Little God, Actor/ Mr. Shaw
  • Leprechaun's Revenge, Actor
  • The Last Exorcism, Asst. Stunt Coord.
  • Now You See Me, Stunt Dbl- Jesse Eisenberg
  • Hijacked, Stunt Player
  • Ricochet, Stunt Actor
  • Vipaka, Water Safety
  • On the Seven Day Ricochet, Stunt Coord.
  • Dragon Eyes, Stunt Coordinator
  • Hungry Rabbit Jumps, Stunt Driver
  • Colombiana, Stunt Driver
  • Dragon Eyes, Stunt Actor
  • Courier , Stunt Actor  
  • Transit, Stunt Double
  • Green Lantern, Utility Stunts   
  • Red, Utility Stunts        
  • The Ledge, Stunt Coordinator
  • Seconds Apart, Stunt Coordinator
  • The Philly Kid, Stunt Coordinator
  • The Super, Stunt Actor
  • Green Hornet, Stunt Dbl - Eddie Furlong
  • Conspiritor, Stunt Actor
  • The Mechanic, Stunt Actor 
  • Knucklehead, Stunt Double
  • Mothman, Rigger       
  • Somnambulist, Stunt Dbl Eddie Furlong
  • Father of Invention, Stunt Actor
  • Speed Demons, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • Jonah Hex, Stunt Actor
  • ReKill, Stunt Coordinator
  • Flesh Wounds, Stunt Actor
  • Terror Trap, Stunt Coordinator  
  • Cool Dog, Stunt Double
  • Saints & Sinners
  • Alabama Moon, Stunt Actor
  • My Own Love Song, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • Welcome to the Rileys, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • Night of the Demons,  St Coord/ Dbl Eddie Furlong
  • Enemies Among Us, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • Man Called Trouble, Stunt Coordinator
  • Mardi Gras, Stunt Double
  • 12 Rounds
  • Final Destination
  • Cirque Du Freak  
  • Year One, Stunt Double
  • Love Wedding Marriage, Stunt Coord.
  • Pulse After Life, Stunt Actor (Video)
  • Meet The Spartans, Stunt Actor
  • Lords of the Street, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • Major Movie Star
  • Black Water Transit
  • Pool Boys, Assistant Stunt Coordinator
  • The Yellow Handkerchief
  • The Mist, Stunt Double
  • The Chaperone, Stunt Driver
  • De’ja Vu, Stunt Double
  • The Guardian, Stunt Actor
  • Roadhouse 2, Stunt Actor (Toad)
  • All The Kings Men
  • Shooting Gallery, Stunt Double
  • Torn Apart  
  • Strange Fruit, Stunt Coordinator
  • Sonny, Stunt Double
  • Monster’s Ball
  • The Basketball Diaries, Stunt Double

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  • Salem / Stunt Actor
  • American Horror Story / Stunt Actor
  • Parallels / Actor / Stunt Coordinator
  • Star-Crossed / Stunt Actor
  • Red Clover - Stunt Coordinator/ Leprechaun Man
  • Wild Card TV series -  Perp
  • My Own Love Song - Asst. Stunt Coord.
  • Heart of the Storm -  Stunt Double Lead
  • Torn Apart -  Utility Stunts
  • Worst Prom Ever -   Beer Man High Fall
  • 24 TV series -  stunt actor
  • Memphis Beat -  stunt actor
  • 51 -  Stunt Coordinator
  • 13 Fear is Real TV series - Asst. Stunt Coord.
  • The Librarian, Judas Chalice  stunt actor
  • True Blood - Stunt Double
  • K-Ville TV series - Stunt Double
  • I've got a Secret TV series - stunt performer
  • Steve Harvey's Big Time - stunt performer
  • The Big Easy TV series - Utility Stunts
  • Tribute - Asst. Stunt Coord.

Coordinators I've Worked For:
Welcome to the Rileys
Enemies Amongst Us
Midnight Bayou
13: Fear is Real
Mardi Gras
Sunday, Sunday
Staircase Murders
Pool Boys

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Production Company:

K2 Pictures
Argonaut Pictures
Most Wanted Films
Stephanie Germain Prods.
Jay Beinstock Prods.
Beacon Pictures
Dakota Films
Lions Gate Television
Seven Arts Pictures

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