​Danny Cosmo and his team delivered above and beyond on 'Seconds Apart,' pushing the stunts further than the budget and schedule should have allowed, yet delivering safely and professionally every time.' 

'Danny Cosmo is not only a great guy, but a very talented stunt coordinator. His skill and professionalism,
 helped elevate 'Seconds Apart,' and I look forward to working with him again.' 
-Antonio Negert (Director)

Danny Cosmo is a true professional stunt coordinator. 
Always ready to do what it takes to get the best shot with the highest security and Safety!

                                                                                                        Jason Connery (Director)

When I went to New Orleans to shoot my latest movie "On The 7th Day" I was blessed to have Danny Cosmo as my stunt coordinator. Not only was he a brilliant coordinator who knew how to work with my actors to make the best stunts possible, but Danny was also inventive, imaginative and resourceful, all of which low budget films desperately need. Danny is quick on his feet and even impressed one of our stars, the legendary Jaki Brown, Foxy Brown herself, Ms. Pam Grier. Pam is no stranger to movie stunt work and yet she took Dannys lead to perform her stunts on the set. In one fight scene Blair Underwood had, Danny coordinated the stunt so well, I actually thought Blair was fighting another actor for real!!!!

Danny also helped me develop several action sequences including a take down. He handled the actors well, got them excited and I watched him as he step by step took them into a well choreographed battle' which ended with the bad guy rolling down a huge hill and getting the hell beat out of him. In another stunt, Danny choreographed a pimp getting his ass beat so badly, he wound up in a fountain of water, soaked! It was all too perfect and I have to thank Danny for that, I also must mention that Danny is a wonderful human being. He is giving of himself, careful not to harm others and everyone on the set fell in love with him because of that. He has the ability to get actors excited about doing a stunt. They feel safe in his hands and enjoy the process. I think that is a huge reason Danny is so successful.

I would be honored to work with Danny again and again, wherever I shoot. I will send for him to be in charge of all of my stunts because he is just that great!!!

Danny, I salute and thank you for helping me get exactly what I wanted in my picture. 

I am honored to share your creative light and I look forward to our next journey together!

With Love & Appreciation,
Neema BarnetteDirector/Writer of "On The 7th Day" the movie from a story by Bishop TG Jakes: August 2011

Gulf Coast Fishing
​Two years ago when I came to Baton Rouge, Louisiana to Produce my first movie, I was reluctant to hire a local Stunt Coordinator. What a wonderful surprise it was for me to be introduced to Danny Cosmo.
I was engaged by Danny's personality from the moment we met. Danny presented to me knowledge and attitude that made me hire him on the spot.
Danny understood the special needs of the production and acted upon these with ease and with flair that only he can. The results were extremely good. He designed, organized and managed the stunt work to perfection. He stayed within his budget and was a charm to work with. He got along with the Director, the Cast and the rest of the Crew.
I will work with Danny again and again. I will recommend Danny to any producers for any budget size production.

Yoram Barzilai
Producer / Line Producer
"51", The Movie
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